Feb 17, 2011

Simple Ping monitoring function.

I will introduce it because I built in a simple Ping monitoring function. The Ping monitoring of the selection of the object node observed from the PS(Ping Survey) button, and the input of the Ping time-out (millisecond) and monitoring interval (minite) pushing the beginning button will begin. The Ping monitoring might loop Thread of the lowest priority and be not accurate because it executes it according to the case the monitoring interval. It reflects it in the menu, and I will execute Ping to all IP ports in the node when check (Box) on each port is selected and reflect the result in the map. When IP Reachable was able to be confirmed, Ping to other IP ports is not executed at non-selection. Moreover, the IP Reachability result of each port is not displayed in the map.
It is likely to fail in Ping when it is too short and set the Ping time-out according to the environment, please though it is assumed 3000 by default. Please comment by all means if there is still a demand because it is a first edition function.

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