Feb 21, 2011

Exporting XLS format documents.

I will contribute animation to which system information in MGS is output by the XLS format this time. I will introduce it again because I think that it was not possible to introduce it though this function was already a function built in.
The output by the XLS format will generate the XLS file of project information and each individual node. As for each sheet, the content of the directory of one of the parameter sheet display is described.

Feb 17, 2011

Simple Ping monitoring function.

I will introduce it because I built in a simple Ping monitoring function. The Ping monitoring of the selection of the object node observed from the PS(Ping Survey) button, and the input of the Ping time-out (millisecond) and monitoring interval (minite) pushing the beginning button will begin. The Ping monitoring might loop Thread of the lowest priority and be not accurate because it executes it according to the case the monitoring interval. It reflects it in the menu, and I will execute Ping to all IP ports in the node when check (Box) on each port is selected and reflect the result in the map. When IP Reachable was able to be confirmed, Ping to other IP ports is not executed at non-selection. Moreover, the IP Reachability result of each port is not displayed in the map.
It is likely to fail in Ping when it is too short and set the Ping time-out according to the environment, please though it is assumed 3000 by default. Please comment by all means if there is still a demand because it is a first edition function.

Importing config function by Telnet access

The config by the Telnet access takes and will contribute the animation of the function. It becomes an operation to take the network using catalyst3550 arranged in home lab, catalyst2940, and cisco1720 into MGS by way of the Telnet access.

Ping and Traceroute function

It introduces the Ping function and the trace route function. Not only the hop node at three layer levels but also layers display the route of two or less in the trace route function. Please note the thing that is not the one that the real machine access and depends in the one calculated based on information in MGS about these two functions.

Mask display of value of parameter sheet

As for the parameter sheet, it is possible to select the displayed item of a whole project and each individual node. The item is not displayed here though it is a function to convert into the display that cannot be read that the input item is called *** by the mask display. I think these functions and functions that can be used with various cases in the security function by the password giving.

VLAN filtering function

The VLAN filtering function is a function that specified VLAN is made non-display and only target VLAN can be displayed. It is possible to confirm non-display the multi layer inside the campus and L2 inside the campus. Non-display on the parameter sheet will correspond by non-display of selection of the parameter sheet function because it is non-display function to drawing.

Zoom function

The zoom in and the zoom out function are provided inside the campus each. It is possible to do zoom in and zoom out by moving the mouse on the campus and rotating the scroll wheel. The thing that selects the display magnification menu from the display menu and makes to a fixed magnification is possible.